Grad Pics

Behold, the prophecy came true and I had to split up the page. Welcome to graduate school, I still have many more things to add here, but I'll get around to it later. So here we go, in no particular order.

From the first Eastman Chamber Music Society concert of the year (out of four): Mozart Clarinet QuintetLin He and Jin Joo Jeon, violins, me (Leanne Rabesa), viola, Philip von Maltzahn, cello, and Trevor O'Riordan, clarinet, post-performance and fairly pleased with ourselves. Ah, Mozart. Still working on sound files, I've got an old computer, have pity...

Kasia, Sonya and Heather Kasia, Sonya, and Heather, otherwise known (with me) as the Caravaggio String Quartet, at our last-lunch-before-graduation get-together.

Birthday cake Quadruple birthday party
From our Quadruple Birthday/ Tour Kickoff party, 2 March 2001. So, we have Phil (Bday #2), Doug's torso, Micah, Keiko, Heather's arm (Bday #3), my back (Bday #1), Guy's head, and half of Rob's face (Bday #4). This is the only shot that had at least pieces of all four of us in it (thanks, Kasia!).

My co-TA and partner-in-crime (and other strange things), Janeen Ceparano. What do you know, a picture I actually took myself... And I still don't like apple pie. Janeen and viola

Party at Lin's Hanging out at Lin's place after his recital - Man Shan Yap, Amy Sze, Jeanie Park, me, and Keiko Forrey. The other guys bailed, so it looked rather like "Lin's harem" over there. Ha!

Most of the crew from the Vivaldi Concerto for Four Violins in b minor, before Emi's recital. Left to right: Emi's recital me (Leanne Rabesa), Viola I; Joel Ciaccio, bass; Emi Takahashi, Solo Violin I; Adam Carter, cello; David Wish, Solo Violin II; Olivia de Prato, Solo Violin III; Marika Wirung, Viola II; Irina Mueller, Solo Violin IV; Jason Totzke, Ripieno Violin III; Margaret Weinert, Ripieno Violin IV; Brian Liu, Ripieno Violin II; and Anwell Tsai, Ripieno Violin I. Kris Bezuidenhout, harpsichord, was in transit from another recital and missed the picture. Oh well...

Schubert Cello Quintet At St. John the Divine
From the final Eastman Chamber Music Society concerts of the year - on the left, Lin He, Jeanie Park, me (Leanne Rabesa), Philip von Maltzahn, and Keiko Forrey, at the end of a ridiculously long concert where both Phil and Keiko had to play twice - this is, obviously, the Schubert Cello Quintet. On the right, all of us plus Ji-Sun Lee, piano, at St. John the Divine in New York City - Trevor O'Riordan vanished into the city before we could drag him into the picture. We made the guys stand one step down from the girls, but it didn't help much...

Leanne Rabesa and Philip von Maltzahn, MM 2002 Leanne Rabesa and Sachiko Watanabe, MM 2002
Graduation 2002 - most of my friends vanished into the ether before I managed to corner them with the camera, but at least I found Phil and Sachiko - even if she did manage to get rid of the goofy hat first. Phil is, as usual, way too tall, and that's Chris Haritatos, DMA 2002, in the background. Sorry, it's DOCTOR Chris.

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