Recital Pics

My masters recital was 17 Nov. 2001 - got it over with nice and early. Program was Brahms Sonata in Eb, Op. 120 #2, Bach Suite #1 in G major, and Britten Lachrymae. Here's some pictures from that night, from totally silly to almost formal... Pictures by various people, mostly Libby Stackhouse, Emi Takahashi, and Janeen Ceparano.

Me in the greenroom
Before the recital - I wore this dress for the first half. Libby did my hair and makeup, I'm terrible at that stuff. Learning, though.

Joe, me, and Korey After the recital - on the left is Joe Trafton, who conducted the Britten, and on the right, Korey Barrett, my pianist for the Brahms.

Pre-recital goofiness in my kitchen - making Rice Krispies Treats with Katie and Libby. Marshmallow madness...

With Emi afterwards With Emi after the recital was all over - she was my concertmistress for the Britten, too.

With my awesome teacher, George Taylor. This picture didn't come out too well, a bit too dark even after doctoring it up, but hey, when the flash doesn't go off, what can you do? With Mr. Taylor

Party! More party!
And of course, after a recital, gotta have a party. On the left, Taliaferro, Libby and Katie, me, and Joe (and my dress); on the right, Sarah's head, Elaine, Rob, Gavin, Kasia, Marika, and Joel. Janeen took the pictures and Korey was hiding on the couch.

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