Random Bits of Life

The Bluebirds 11 years later...
With my old friend Erica Brewer, getting our stage makeup on for Maeterlink's "The Bluebird" (ballet), in 1982, and in front of the Green Gables Inn in Monterey, CA, in 1993 (violin).

In Whistler In the Mallard Bar at the Chateau Whistler Resort, 1994, with Jason Chow, violin, and Marcy Uzawa, piano, getting ready to perform Mozart's Kegelstatt Trio. All right, all right, I know, but we didn't have any clarinets at that festival...

Another ballet dressing room shot; besides Katie and me, that's Kristin Sbarra in the hair line and Sarah Carson off to the right. This time we were snowflakes in The Nutcracker. Age 11 or so, 5th grade I think. Snowflakes

Leanne and Sarah With my old friend (and fabulous violist) Sarah Darling, goofing off in June 2000. Sight-reading party, anyone?

In a group recital with Margaret Bradley, probably in 1987. If you've been to the Pharos page, you know we played together for a long time. Duet

Kiffie and Rullie These are my cats, Kiffie is the gray and white, Rullie's the black. They're totally spoiled, but I can't help it 'cause they're really cute.

After 10 days of intense chamber music, this is most of the crew from the Lydian String Quartet Chamber Music Festival, 2002, relaxing post-concert at the 99 Restaurant in Waltham. LSQCMF 2002 Left to right and back to front, as best as I can: Etleva Hima (violin), Rose Drucker (violin), Lillian Belknap (viola), Sara Duval (cello), Patrick Brusil (cello), Nat Farny (violin), me, Suzanne Morton (piano), Jen Karakitsos (clarinet), Mary Perkinson (violin, and mostly hidden), Nora Gump (viola), Kate Marsch (cello), Mark Moskovitz (temporary LSQ cellist); Ella Hilly (cello); Mary Ruth Ray (LSQ violist) and Sujay Pathak (violin). Those who fled before the cameras appeared are Dan Stepner and Judy Eissenberg (LSQ violinists), pianists Don Bialos and Judy Goldner, violinists Zach Ibin and Nesia Bernstein, violist Alex Vavilov, and cellists Bunny Reardon and Maya Goldin-Perschbacher. If I forgot anyone, sorry...

Smores night It rained the night we decided to make smores, so we were stuck with the microwave for melting purposes. Jen, Suzanne and Maya in the kitchen of our dorm at Brandeis.

Chris and Boel Chris and the horseshoe crab
My friends Chris Haritatos and Boel Gidholm came down for a weekend on Cape Cod, so I gave 'em the full tourist treatment, which of course includes seafood (eaten on the water, of course) and the beach. That was one ornery horseshoe crab, too.

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