College Pics

All kinds of pictures from college, that being Eastman, both undergrad and grad (I know, I know...). This is now two separate pages; for grad school, click here. Still disorganized, I can't fix everything at once.
Emi and I at the Boo Blast (the annual Halloween party/dance/whatever) our sophomore year. The Phantom and a witch - but who's who? You figure it out. Boo Blast

Senior Prom You're probably wondering what the senior prom has to do with college... Well, I kind of went to college before I finished high school, so I dragged Michael here back with me for my senior prom after our finals were over at Eastman. Sneaky, huh?

From our first quartet tour in Kentucky, Fall 1999. Emi Takahashi, violin, me, viola, Kasia Bielak-Hoops, cello, and Sonya Williams, violin. Photo: Paul G. Moore QI in KY

Photo Shoot We had our own unofficial photo shoot before we hit the road, and for some reason I like this one the best. Don't we all look deep in thought? Actually we were trying not to crack up...

In Breckinridge County In Muhlenburg County
Also from the first tour, here we are in action in Breckinridge County and post-presentation in Muhlenberg, with our host mom, Mrs. Slinker, and her granddaughter Caitlin standing by.

The infamous broken piano string In Lebanon, KY
Some post-concert shots (same tour), Steve and I with the amazing snapping C string - from the PIANO, no less - and everyone in Lebanon. Be very glad you can't see the carpet in this picture - a more hideous shade of green I could not imagine...

18th Birthday cake 19th Birthday cake
20th Birthday cake 23rd Birthday cake
Talk about your edible works of art... Couldn't resist putting some cakes in here - 2000 is missing for some reason, probably having to do with the fact that it was my 21st birthday, and, um...

Mike, Leanne and Emi Balloon Fight
And from a couple of birthday parties - at my 18th, with Mike and Emi stuffing our faces with that lovely cake, and at my 19th, with Matt, Deb, and Alisa, for some reason or other having a balloon fight at about 2 AM in the 11th floor lounge. Good thing my RA was at the party...

Sextet My sextet in 1998 - Ben Sung and Gerard Chia, violins, Willine Thoe and me, violas, and Luke Pomorski and Beth Sturdevant, cellos. Sometimes we just had way too much fun during rehearsals... This shot was while we were working on Brahms Op. 36; we did the Tchaik first semester.

Cheryl Kohfeld and Alyce Johnson at one of Ben and Norbert's infamous parties; I think this was the March one, otherwise known as the "Mike and Alyce Go To China" send-off. Cheryl and Alyce

Drunk at Salinger's The obligatory "drunk as skunks" picture. We only did it once, this happened to be the first night of Senior Week 2000 and we though it was as good a time as any. Sonya Williams, me, Alisa Dory, and Deb Copenhaver. And lots of beer.

My studio mates, our teacher, and I at graduation. Morgan Kleene, Teddy Sainphor, me, Hillary Herndon, Beth Meyers, and Mr. Taylor. I know my hat is tipped, it got knocked backwards, okay? Graduation

Grad Pics
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