My Best Friends

We've been friends for ages and just keep getting crazier - and closer. Many random shots of Katie, Libby, and Nova.

Here we are in August 2001, all grown up... At Nova's

Silly at Nova's NOT!!! Don't ask us to be mature for too long, okay?

Libby and Nova The Calvin Klein pose
A couple pictures of Libby and Nova - at my, um, maybe 17th birthday, and again over at Nova's this past summer, with the infamous "Calvin Klein" pose. Whoa, blue eyes...

Libby, me, and Katie, all dressed up for some reason which none of us can quite recall. It probably had something to do with ballet, since that's where we were, but really, when you're 3 you don't need much of an excuse to dress up, right? Libby, Leanne and Katie

Leanne and Libby A little older, maybe 7 or 8. Tutus and weird hair things; this must have been just for pictures, since we usually had to have a bun or a braid for recitals.

Our silly little 5th grade orchestra - besides Katie, Libby and me (Nova showed up the next year), also appearing in this bunch are Tobi Szuts, cello and (I think) Lana Peacock, violin, with Sarah Gaines sitting in the back, waiting till it was her turn at the piano (they shared). Fifth grade orchestra

Libby and Leanne at Jillian's 31 December, 2000, Libby and I squashed in a photo booth at Jillian's in Boston. How we got there is a LONG story, and maybe I'll put it in here eventually, because it's really something else.

Libby snapped this one of Katie and I in a Pizzeria Uno's in Providence, RI. It was a boring rainy summer day, so we thought, why not go to another state for the afternoon? Gotta love the Northeast - can go through 5 or 6 states in one day... Katie and Leanne at Uno's

Nova and Kirk's Wedding 24 October, 1998, Boise, ID, introducing Nova and Kirk Perry.

Okay, so this one isn't lined up very well... Nova's sisters, Rebecca and Michelle, me and Libby, Nova and Kirk, Scott and Katie. Hanging out at Katie's

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