Oh good grief, I'm a master. Now there's a scary thought. And can you believe it, on 19 May, graduation day, it snowed!!! And people wonder why we want to get out of Rochester. Moving was a total pain in the neck (and back, and arms, and legs, and...) - I'm the world's biggest pack rat, and with about 800 books and 200 or so CDs, not to mention the music library that doesn't quite fit in a file cabinet anymore, well, it sucked.

So I'm hanging out on Cape Cod for a while this summer and sort of running around picking up playing time where I find it - just finished 10 days of Bartók 1 with Nat Farny, Etleva Hima and Sara Duval, working with the Lydian Quartet at Brandeis; hard work but fun. Next, some weird recording session in Boston with Kate Marsch and some people I don't know, then flute/violin/viola trios at Cornell on 2 July with Liisa Grigorov and Courtney Scherzinger, and whatever else I can get my hands on playing- and money-wise. Anybody want viola lessons?

To top everything off, wherever I end up living next fall (CT?) I think I'm going to give a recital, so I'm tackling Britten and Stravinsky Elegies, Schubert and Clarke sonatas, and (gulp) La Campanella. Sounds worse than it is, I've done the sonatas before. The Paganini is kicking my sorry butt, however - let's face it, I have smallish hands and a big viola, but I figure, if I don't learn this virtuoso baloney before I'm 25, it'll be much harder to deal with later, so why not? In the meantime, I'm trying to get as many friends as possible to visit me this summer and the first two are showing up tomorrow, so I'd better go clean this place up.

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