Okay, second installment. Back at school, it's the middle of October, and things are totally wacky. Of course. How could it be anything else, when the whole world has gone completely insane? I've been alternately sickened, enraged, depressed, and otherwise had my head messed with by all the stuff on CNN, had several interesting conversations on the subject, but let's face it, that's just about all anyone can talk about right now, so I'm not going to here.

For me, it's crunch time on my degree recital, coming up in about a month, and of course, nothing's quite ready yet. But it's getting there. Midterms in a few weeks, but hey, I'm only taking two classes, so no big deal, right? Since my last ramble on here, I've been playing a whole lot of chamber music - but what else is new? Many trips to Syracuse to play with the Degas Quartet, which was a total blast, and I've also joined the Eastman Chamber Music Society, and we just performed the Mozart Clarinet Quintet on about 3 or 4 rehearsals. It went quite well, if I do say so myself. Once I get the CD back I'll try to put in on here. Besides me, it was Lin He and Jin Joo Jeon, violins, Philip von Maltzahn, cello, and Trevor O'Riordan, clarinet.

Three of us are together again for the next concert on the 19th of November - namely, Jin Joo, Phil, and me - and along with Jeanie Park and Beth Meyers (2nd violin and 2nd viola, respectively), we're doing the Dvorak American quintet. Yes, I said quintet. It's pretty cool, although the key signatures are atrocious all seven flats for the third movement, ugh. And just to make things really fun, I'm also performing the Klughardt (who??? yeah, exactly...) Schilflieder (that's "Reed Songs" for you non-German speakers) for oboe, viola and piano, with Alice Caplow-Sparks and Amy Sze. Very cool piece, it should definitely be played more often. However, I really wish that this concert were more than 2 days after my degree recital... Sigh. I made animated invitations this time, want to see?

Recital Invitation

Okay, must make phone calls, stay tuned...


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