My Students

So far, I have 12 viola students, six in each town I teach in. It works out to eight 3rd graders, one 4th grader, one 5th grader, a junior, and a senior. There's a heavy preponderance of "M" and "C" names - in fact, I've got two Mollys, two Michaels, and two Catherines. Weird. Their parents might get miffed if I put more on here - after all, they ARE kids - but I'd just like to say they're all doing very well, and in a year or two there is going to be a seriously awesome viola section in Wellesley All-Town. So there. And Milton's shaping up pretty nicely too, though there aren't quite as many young ones over there. I'll work on it. Long live the alto clef! All right, all right, I'm a dork, so sue me - it's exciting.