Alternative Styles

Now, some of you may have gotten the idea that the viola is only a classical music instrument. Hardly! Violists are doing all kinds of fun things these days, and as far as I can tell there's absolutely no limit on what's going on. Want proof? Check these out:

The wonders of modern technology - this guy plays a trio with himself.

A fellow knitter/violist tipped me off to this band, whose all-instrumental tracks have a ton of fabulous texture.

Lauren Chipman is the violist here for the Rentals.

Don't be fooled... Mark is a Juilliard-trained violist!

Martha Mooke usually has the best clothes and hair in any gathering... and she's wildly creative with electronics.

The Turtle Island String Quartet is a pioneering jazz ensemble. In case you can't tell, Danny (the violist) is the maniac in the blue shirt.

Sorry for needing 5 for this one, but it's awesome (and I was in the audience). See if you can catch the Bach quote in part 4!

I hear Hendrix played viola...

They've got a whole string quartet up there, but look who gets the good part!