Independent Study Project, Spring 2002

As a final project before I leave Eastman, I'm attempting a survey of as many professional quartet violists as I can find, on a list of repertoire selected on the criteria of place in the standard repertoire, difficulty of viola part (solos, awkwardness, etc.), and likeliness that an undergraduate at a typical conservatory would encounter it. In final form, it will probably end up being a book with excerpts, interviews, marked parts, pedagogical discussion, and maybe even a CD to go with it. I can always scale it back if it gets over my head. If you are a quartet violist (or just curious), click here to download the list of repertoire and interview questions. I'll keep this page updated as I get information from various performers. To all who help, my very great gratitude. If you want to buy this thing, when it gets to its final form, email me and I'll let you know details.

List of Contributors
Richard Young, Vermeer Quartet
Daniel Avshalomov, American Quartet
Marka Gustavsson, Colorado Quartet
Francesca Martin Silos, Colorado Quartet
John Largess, Miró Quartet


Although I'll be turning in a large hunk of material in order to graduate (something like 150 pages, but don't worry, some of it's musical examples and blank backs), I've decided to make this a continuing project and keep on gathering information from as many people as I can over the next year or two. Or at least until I find some new people to play with. Maybe I can use it as a dissertation or something...

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